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Viamala Gorge

The sheer power of water and glacial ice are incredible. The Viamala Gorge is a testament to the magnificence of nature. Via mala, which means “evil road” in Romansh, coined because despite its turbulent waters and obvious dangers, was the most direct route for travelers. The route through the gorge provided accessibility to the two essential Alpine passes: San Bernardino and Splügen.


The gorge quickly became an area of attraction and awe for famous writers such as the German poet and novelist Theodor Fontane and Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, the German Philosopher. Today, the gorgeous is a tourist attraction with visitors marveling at the beauty and the 300 m rock faces that line this impressive gorge.


Limited parking is available onsite. Simply pay the fee at the visitor’s center and enter the area with you ticket.


Kid Approved:

Look for the smiley face on one of the large rocks. You will see a picture of this in the informational handout and make a fun game out of searching for this special rock with your children.



You can save 20% by purchasing a combination ticket (bus ticket and entrance to the Viamala Gorge). For the details, please visit.


Special Features:

  • There is a visitor’s center located directly at the gorge.

  • Impressive whirlpool baths are present at the gorge.

  • The incredible rock walls that stand 300 m high.

  • Gorgeous views throughout, including the lovely bridge.


Be Aware:

  • Watch children carefully in the gorge as there are sharp drops.

  • There are many stairs to navigate. 359 to be exact.

  • There is a fee to enter the Gorge.

  • Dress warmly, as the area tends to be quite cold.

  • There is an entrance fee to enter the gorge. Consider a combination ticket if you plant to visit the Mineral baths of Andeer or hope to visit St. Martin Church.

  • The gorge is only open from April to November. The opening times fluctuate depending on the month, but the gorge is primarily accessible from 09:00 – 18:00 daily. Please check opening times prior to your visit.

  • There is a small shop onsite that serves drinks, snacks and ice cream.

  • A toilet is located across the street from the visitor center.

  • Dogs are free to enter the gorge, but must remain on a leash.

  • The area receives very little sunshine making it cold and damp. Be prepared by wearing or bringing the right clothing.

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