Education Based Excursions

Education Based Local Excursions for Primary Schools:


It’s no surprise with all the latest research touting the benefits of nature and its health and educational advantages that children thrive in the natural world. The more children are exposed and spend time in nature, the better. Melinda has not only done her best to incorporate nature into the lives of her two children and written books about the subject, but is now expanding her love of the outdoors with schools in the local area.


As a certified teacher (grades K-6) with a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, Melinda is now leading school aged children on nature walks in the local area. After years of teaching experience, Melinda’s friendly and light demeanor encourage children to be active participants in each nature experience.


Muttenz is a favorite location, with rolling hills, animal farms and what she has coined, “The Enchanted Forest.” With easy access by public transportation, Melinda inspires students to look at the natural world through a new lens. Melinda can tailor walks and outdoor lessons to suit the needs of individual school’s academic themes and areas of focus.


Education Based Themes:

*Please note, all school excursions are conducted in English.


Some of Melinda’s favorite walks include scavenger hunts that encourage students to be aware and engaged in the local landscape. Other topics of interest are listed below.

Ideal for Kindergarten through grade 3

The ABCs of nature, which works on object spelling recognition in a fun and creative way.

Ideal for grades 2-6+

The Environmental Hero Walk, which encourages children to connect to nature with the deep understanding that there are simple, yet profound changes we can make on a daily basis to help protect the planet.


Ideal for grades 1-6+

A sensory/meditative experience that encourages to teach students how their senses are activated outdoors and how being present improves concentration and lifts our mood.


Ideal for grades 1-6

Seasonal walks highlighting what makes the current season special and the plants and trees that are currently in bloom.


Ideal for grades 4-6+

Poetry/Literature outdoors. Taking our favorite nature inspired books outdoors encourages students to read and write in a new, inspiring setting.



Contact Details:

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If your school would like to purchase My Book of Discoveries to help support your nature - based excursions, please place your order in advance.

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