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Fresh Air Kids Switzerland

My Book of Discoveries - An Activity Guide for Kids

Hello Fresh Air Kids!

This book of discoveries was created just for you. It includes an exciting bouquet of activities, such as a scavenger hunt, a summer bucket list, coloring pages and your own personal hiking ABC. You will also find lots of pages to track your hikes.

Fill them out and draw or glue in things you collect along the way. You will always remember what you record.

What wou will like

•  The perfect companion for the bestseller Fresh Air Kids Switzerland
•  Entertaining activities and illustrations for children from 6 years old and above
•  Track hikes and create memories
•  In 3 languages (E/D/F) for additional and playful learning
•  Small and handy: fits in any backpack and ideal for long train rides


Happy adventures!

For copies of this book, please contact us directly.

"My Book of Discoveries is loads of fun and a wonderful source of inspiration out on the trail. I love the way the activities are designed to spark interest and curiosity in nature. All in all, it’s a perfect book for kids to create their own hiking guide and, of course, memories."

- Anonymous

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