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When Melinda is not hiking in the Swiss Alps, she can be found with her family, which includes her husband and her two children. She is an educator, curriculum designer, holistic health coach and author of the Fresh Air Kids Switzerland book series. She's passionate about a lot of things, which at times can leave her head spinning. In her spare time, she dreams of having a tiny place in the Swiss Alps she can call home. She continues to work on her German languages skills, which is a slow uphill climb.




Is a husband, father, photographer, author, and pursuer of baked goods. It’s not what you do outside that matters, it is that you are outside. The outdoors can inspire us, keep us fit, challenge us, and humble us. As parents, and authors, we strongly believe in the power of nature, and the positive effects it has on us all. He can fix anything, takes a long time to frame a photo, loves good beer after a long hike and is methodical with detail. He is after all an Engineer.

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If there is an image on our site that resonates with you and you are interested in purchasing a particular picture, please know our images are for sale. The more people we can inspire with the beauty of the Swiss landscapes, we are one step closer toward our mission. Yes to photos!

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