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Top 5 Summer Safety Tips

  • Always Check Weather Forecasts and Gondola/Lift Schedules

    • Checking the forecasts and precipitation for the areas you will be hiking or exploring is essential. The weather in the Alps has become increasingly less predictable and therefore, knowing what to expect on the trail is vital to your safety.

    • Download the MeteoSwiss App and check: the weekly forecast, animations, hazards and measurements. You will need to regularly check the weather reports to stay informed on the latest weather patterns.

    • Be aware of the last gondoal/lift down the mountain. If you are relying on that mode of transportation, knowing the schedule in advance will save you a great deal of heartache.

  • Apply Sunscreen Regularly and Stay Hydrated

    • Protect your skin from harmful UV rays by applying sunscreen with a high SPF factor. Don't forget to reapply every couple of hours, especially due to sun exposure in the Alps.

    • Never venture out without having plenty of water for the duration of the day. Make sure everyone in your group has their own water bottle with enough to stay hydrated for all of your outdoor adventures.

    • Please never rely on a water filling station being available.

  • Wear Appropriate Clothing and Pack All Your Supplies

    • Dress in hiking/outdoor clothing that is comfortable during the summer heat. Don't forget your sunhat and sunglasses!

    • Opt for hiking boots with good tread and know tennis shoes and sandals are NEVER appropriate footwear in the Alps.

    • Never leave for a day on the trail without a fully stocked backpack.

    • What to pack in your backpack:

    • a first aid kit, water, food and snacks, an extra layer of clothing, including rain gear, your fully charged cell phone, wallet with some cash, all travel cards, and the map of the area you plan to explore.

  • Know the Route you will be Hiking and How to Read Trail Markers

    • Knowing where you are going, the type of trail you will be hiking:

    • yellow (easiest of all Swiss hiking trails to navigate and best for families hiking with small children). Please always keep children in close range while hiking in the mountains. Their safety is your responsibility.

    • white-red-white (mountain)

    • white-blue-white (alpine)

    • and having the Swisstopo App, plus the local trail map (found at all gondola/lift stations) will ensure you stay on the right track!

  • Become a Rega Member

    • Rega is the Swiss Air Rescue and the services they provide are lifesaving. To learn more about becoming a patron today, please visit: Rega - The Swiss Air Rescue Service.

    • It is also advised to know the emergency numbers in Switzerland:

    • Ambulance: 144

    • Police: 117

    • Fire: 118

    • Download the following apps: AlertSwiss (informs you of dangerous situations throughout Switzerland) and echososo (provides information for emergency numbers in Switzerland and the nearest hospital to your location).

Be safe and have a wonderful summer!


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