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The Comic Trail in Uetliberg, Switzerland

The Comic Trail Uetliberg with Ueli and Uta

The new and exciting Comic Trail is now open in Uetliberg. Uetliberg is the urban escape located just above Zürich offering amazing views of the city including the Lake of Zürich all the way to the Alps. The Comic Trail provides an exciting outdoor adventure for the entire family!

The Comic Trail is a fun concept trail where families must answer clues and riddles throughout the

4.5 km trail. Ueli and Uta are the characters that are with you throughout your journey and they are your guides. They are there to show you around the mountain and provide you with the clues that you are tasked to solve. Once you discover the answer to the riddle, you are required to either submit your answer via mobile phone to receive the next clue, or answer a question to discover a letter which will ultimately help you solve the final riddle.

The hike is relatively easy, provides fantastic panoramic views of the surrounding areas and has two nice playgrounds. Pack a picnic lunch to make the most of this outdoor experience.

This hike is a mix of wooded areas and open, scenic trails. There are plenty of opportunities to stop, but your group will be motivated to discover each clue along the route.

The trail costs CHF 9.00 per person, or if you are a family of five, the group ticket is CHF 25.00.

To book your ticket and start your adventure, click here.

Special Features:

· There are two playgrounds along the route

· Plenty of areas to picnic and benches for resting

· This is a fun and interactive trail

· This trail is a great way to keep older children motivated and outdoors

· The location provides a great city escape

· Toilets are available at the Uetliberg Train Station and again at the second playground

· A water filling station is located at the second playground

Be Aware:

· If you go by car, there is a free parking lot available at Uetliberg Feldermoos. From the car park, follow the signs to the train station (Uitikon Waldegg) over the bridge and through the woods.

· Technology and ongoing cell phone usage and service are required for the duration of the hike

· For older children (ages 8 and older)

· This trail is not possible with a stroller

· Be careful as the trail crosses over bike paths and train tracks

· There are stairs to navigate

· The trail information and clues are currently available in German

· The trail is open year round

Have fun and don't forget to submit your photos and experiences to @comictrail on Instagram or Facebook. Provide your feedback to


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