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Basel-Landschaft - Muttenz Loop

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

This particular trail takes families along the main street (Haupstrasse) past the Reformierte Kirche St. Arbogast. With the church on your left, continue up Hauptstrasse, which will narrow and become Geispelgasse, heading up a hill. After a block and a half, you will see a large fountain on the corner, turn left onto Gruthweg, a side street that heads up to the horse farm. Allow your children ample time to count and admire the horses, ponies, and donkeys at this farm before continuing your way up the hill.

The paved trail will head up along a row of trees and a field on the left. You will see a trail marker pointing in the direction of Münchenstein, before crossing through a small patch of forest towards the bio farm in Münchenstein. At this farm, if your timing is right, the cows will be enjoying their feed, as your children admire them and the 37 hectares of rich land. Look for horses, cats and dogs at this farm too. The trail leads straight past the barn, and dog-legs past a house on your left. Continue past the house, but take the path to the right around the fenced-in horse area.

Follow this path down between fields. As the trail approaches the forest, look for the path in the woods to the right. Families will have the opportunity to grill before entering what we have now coined the “enchanted forest” a protected area called Rütihard-Rothalle (a green sign is posted at the start) with a boardwalk and a small pond. The “enchanted forest” is hidden in the forest, so allow the bench on the right-hand side to be your clue to start to look for the entrance to the forest (see the map).

Continuing along the boardwalk looking for the pond, which is slightly hidden to the right. The boardwalk comes to completion and you will cross over a path, drop down the hill and follow the trail through the woods until you come to a cross road. You will see a yellow trail marker in front of you.

From there, veer right onto Rütihard (open fields used for farming). Follow this path straight across the open fields and back down through a residential area before seeing the Reformierte Kirche St. Arbogast on your right, which you passed on the way up to the horse farm. You are now on Haupstrasse, which will lead you straight to tram 14.

To review the hike, which was featured on Play Basel, click here.


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