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Buurelandweg - Theme Trail in Aargau

Get ready for a scenic adventure on the Buurelandweg Aargau theme trail. From the moment you arrive at Schloss Kasteln, this hike is engaging for children of all ages. Stop at the tiny farm at the start of the walk where children will enjoy the chickens and pigs before they begin their adventure.

Just below the castle, remember to pick - up the brochure, which includes the card your children will need to stamp as they pass each station. At the end of the hike, place your name and your stamped card in the box for a chance to win farm products from the region.

With nine stations and a plethora of information on agriculture including meat, fruit, vegetables and wine, the children will be entertained and learn as they go. The trail leads through stunning vineyards making this hike scenic in the summer, but it is in its prime during the autumn months.

As with most Swiss theme trails, it is evident this trail was created with great care and love. The signposts, the activities, and all of the information are beautifully crafted. We thoroughly enjoyed this trail.


There are swings in the group of trees just past the fruit and vegetable post. The children will love this small, but sweet play area.

Good to Know:

· There are no bathrooms along the route.

· There is not drinking water along the route, so pack plenty.

· There is a grilling station.

· Free parking at the castle.

· This trail is accessible from May 1 through October 31

· Don’t forget to have the children stamp their brochure.

· Stroller- Friendly (all terrain stroller)

*While we realize the demands on farmer's today is growing increasingly more challenging, we also believe in natural farming methods. We believe in the need for biodiversity and good soil health through natural farming methods. We firmly believe that the liberal use of chemicals is far too dangerous for human and animal health to continue its propagation.

Directions: Follow the white and green trail markers labeled “Buurelandweg Aargau.”


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