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The Comic Trail in Sonneberg, Switzerland

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Before we start this post, we think it is important to note that the folks in charge of the Comic Trails work extremely hard to put together trails that are enjoyable for older families. They kindly invited us to try out their new Comic Trail in Sonnenberg over the summer, which we happily accepted. They were open to our feedback and suggestions, which demonstrated to us that they want everyone who participates in the Comic Trail experience to have a memorable time. Thank you!

Sonnenberg is a delightful mountain that sits just above the bustling city of Luzern. The trail offers lovely views throughout and was a charming area to hike. We were particularly keen on this route because we have never explored this area before.

On the Comic Trail, your mission, is to work with Ueli and Uta to solve riddles. Once you solve the riddle, you are required to either submit your answer via mobile phone to receive your next clue, or answer a question to discover a letter which will help your team solve the word at the back of your booklet. Be aware, some riddles were really tricky, so take your time, think through them and work as a team!

This trail takes you through unique terrain, which is ever-changing. From open plateaus with views of the lake, to vineyards, a farm, the Sonnebergbahn and through an enchanting gorge. There is always something new to discover and a clue to solve. Remember, any time spent in nature as a family is awesome!

Don’t forget to pack a lunch to enjoy the playground and grilling station located just after the Sonnenbergbahn.

The trail costs CHF 7.00 for a single ticket and CHF 20.00 for a group ticket. Click here to read more. This is currently their promotional price.

Enjoy a scenic day in a beautiful location, just above Luzern.

Special Features:

  • There is one fantastic playground along the route with grilling stations.

  • There are plenty of picnic benches for resting.

  • The gorge area was a very cool experience. We felt like we were in Jurassic Park!

  • The is a great trail and activity to keep older children engaged and active throughout.

  • Public toilets are available at the Sonnenbergbahn.

  • Our children really enjoyed solving the puzzle on page 12.

Be Aware:

  • If you go by car, there is pay for parking lot located at the BBZB Heimbach on Heimbachweg. We took bus number 10 from Berglistrasse to Obergütsch. Place enough money in the meter to relax and enjoy your time on the trail.

  • Technology and ongoing cell phone usage and service are required for the duration of the hike. Start with a full battery, or bring a battery bank.

  • This trail is for older children (ages 8 and older).

  • This trail is not possible with a stroller.

  • There are lots of steps to navigate.

  • The trail information and clues are currently available in German (full disclosure, as a native English-speaking family, this was a bit tricky for us).

  • When walking through the gorge, be aware of washed out areas, exposed roots and mud.

  • Read the clues and visit the website prior to your visit for an optimal experience!

Have fun and don't forget to submit your photos and experiences to @comictrail on Instagram or Facebook. Provide your feedback to For more information, please visit:

The Comic Trail.

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