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Rünenberg, Switzerland - Honigweg

Updated: Jun 13

This easy and educational trail is the ideal hike for a slow Sunday. If you reside near Basel, the drive is only 20 minutes away. With Rapeseed in full bloom during the spring months, the landscape is beautiful.

The 12 stations of the honey trail are designed to educate and engage families about bees as they go. The entire loop can easily be completed in an hour or so, but take your time. Educate yourselves on the bees and their vital importance to the ecosystem and take food for a picnic. This trail is lovingly maintained and makes for the perfect day out!

Fun fact: How much honey does a single honeybee produce in its lifetime?

Answer: Hike the trail to find out!

Directions: Follow the white and green trail markers labeled, "Honigweg Rünenberg."

Special Features:

  • 12 interactive/educational posts along the route

  • Plenty of areas for a picnic or to play

  • Easy outing for a slow day

  • Stroller friendly

  • Scenic area

  • This is a beautifully maintained trail

Be Aware:

  • This route is also accessible by public transportation. Be aware that a bus serves this area and does not run frequently. Please visit the for timetables.

  • There are no toilets along the route

  • Few opportunities to fill water bottles along the route - pack plenty

  • The informational boards are in German only, but what a great opportunity to learn!


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