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Premium Skiwear Rental for Families - Guest Post

Thank you for the post Anna Smoothy of Cirkel Supply Co.

Caption: © namuk kidswear available for rent with Cirkel Supply Co.

If dressing growing children for winter sports is becoming a costly endeavour, or if you’re an infrequent skier/adventurer looking to avoid waste, skiwear rental may be an excellent tool for you.


Cirkel Supply Co., premium skiwear rental specialists, recently met with Fresh Air Kids to tell them more about our concept, and who it works for.

Cirkel Supply's Vision and Founders

Cirkel’s team leverages rental to reduce the environmental impact of skiing, snowboarding and outdoor activities. Here’s a quote from Cirkel’s Founder, Anders Bergenstrand:

From looking at the fashion industry rental models, I was inspired to see how we could bring this to the outdoors, with a focus not just on accessibility and convenience - but also to build the model with the explicit intent to have less of an impact on the environment.”


Much like Fresh Air Kid's mission, Cirkel’s founders also see the value of having families more engaged with (and caring for!) the outdoors and nature. The accessibility of our rental pricing means that a wider cross section of society can enjoy the mountains.

Caption: Cirkel Supply’s Founders: Anders Bergenstrand, Per Berthels & Anna Smoothy

Is Renting Sustainable?

Cirkel Supply has researched the sustainability of skiwear rental in comparison to linear sales using a business model life cycle assessment (BM-LCA). The BM-LCA measures the different impacts of each model including the increased laundry and delivery demands of rental, plus the increased use of raw materials for sales.

The BM-LCA estimates that by serving more people with a lot less products, Cirkel’s rental model emits 76% less CO2 than a linear sales model, making it a sustainable choice for infrequent skiers and snowboarders.

Caption: © namuk kidswear

Who Should Consider Rental?

If you’re looking to introduce your kids to skiing, but you’re not sure if they’ll love it enough to go back for round two, ski and clothing rental is the perfect solution to test the waters without the financial commitment (and potential wastage) of buying new.


Skiwear rental makes ski holidays a breeze: you can order for the whole family online, and have your rental order delivered to your hotel or accommodation in the Swiss Alps. Meaning you don’t need to lug heavy bags of gear, but can rather, sit back and enjoy the view.


Be aware that short term rentals cease to be a good choice - both economically and environmentally - once your family is skiing more than a few weeks each winter. Due to organic demand from local families, Cirkel Supply is now testing seasonal rental. If your family is jam packed with dedicated skiers, reach out to Cirkel to inquire about seasonal rental for winter 2024-25.

Caption: © namuk

How does it work?

Cirkel offers rental for men, women, and children of all ages. Simply choose your family’s outfits from the 7x premium brands on our website, and Cirkel will deliver to your Swiss destination. At the end of your trip, leave your rental order at your hotel or alternative delivery point, and Cirkel will organise the return.


Use the discount code FRESHAIR10 to receive preferential rates.

Caption: Choose, use, return - renting made easy!


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