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How to Read Winter Trail Markers

Winter is a glorious time of year! To make the most of those few fleeting months, knowing how to read trail markers will not only keep you safe, it will also maximize your potential for good times.

Pink Trail Markers

Pink trail markers with black text and the black hiking icon indicate winter hiking trails. Pink poles as shown on the right, indicate you are on the right track!

Snowshoe Trail Markers

Pink trail markers with the white snowshoe icon indicates snowshoe paths.

Purple Circle with a Sled

Sled runs are marked by purple signs with a sled on them. Also note that purple poles will indicate sled runs as well.

Be aware that winter hiking, skiing and snowboarding may also take place on sledding trails.

Use caution and look up and down the trails when sledding. Keep children close in areas that cross over skiing/snowboarding slopes.

Turquoise Trail Markers

Turquoise trail markers indicate cross-country skiing tracks. When crossing over these tracks on foot or on snowshoes, remember to not walk on the tracks. Smashing the tracks ruins the run for the classic style skiers. Everyone will love you for showing respect!

Dark Green Trail Markers - Wildruhezone

The dark green trail markers and signposts with animal icons indicate a Protected Wildlife Zone. These areas should not be entered during the winter months. Such areas are quarantined off to help protect those animals who have little food reserves and energy during the winter. Please respect such areas by leasing your dogs when in close proximity, observe all advice on the posted signs, and do not enter these areas.

Now that you know, get out there and make the most of this incredible time of the year!

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