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Pratteln to Muttenz - Rebenweg

Updated: 6 days ago

There is something absolutely magical about the autumn. Wearing sweaters, indulging in the cooler temperatures and experiencing the gorgeous colors in nature, all make this our absolute favorite time of the year for hiking.

Having the opportunity to hike through the many vineyards that fill the Swiss landscape, is an experience not to be missed. If you are looking for the perfect local hike that screams autumn, this hike is for you. With vineyards at the start and the end of the walk, this route is a feast for the eyes. With paved paths throughout, a farm and scenic views, plan to enjoy this hike over a relaxing weekend or with visitors.

The colors and the fresh air make this hike perfect from September through November. Take your camera and get ready to experience vineyards like never before! If your timing is right, you might just witness the grapes being harvested!

Good to Know:

  • A block away from Jörinpark in Pratteln, is the Schloss Pratteln, a nice stroll around this castle is a great start to the hike!

  • This is a relatively easy route on walking paths throughout, though the start has a gradual uphill.

  • This route is stroller-friendly.

  • Beautiful during the peak of autumn, but really any time of the year is possible!

  • Toilets are located at the Jörinpark in Pratteln and in Muttenz across from the walled-in church (Reformierte Kirche St. Arbogast Muttenz) and down the stairs. See the map.

Be Aware:

  • Please to not pick the grapes! Aside from taking what is not yours, they may be sprayed.

  • The route is roughly 7 km, which might be long for tiny legs. For adults, this route is easy.

  • Bring your own snacks and water. There are several spots to refill water, see the map.

  • Dress for full sun exposure.

  • Bring your camera! Capture the beauty of the route, especially September through November!

  • There is are a few sections of this hike that are on roads shared with cars. Please use caution and watch children carefully. In the wooded area, between Pratteln and Muttenz, stay on the outside of the curve in the road, there is more space on the shoulder.

Additional Details:

Trail Markers: Follow the white and green trail markers indicating: “Rebenweg.”

We have completed this hike several times and enjoy this easy trail immensely this time of the year.


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