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Jöriseen Loop


It is easy to see why this hike is a popular destination in the area. The remote alpine landscape provides unobstructed views of many of the peaks around you and the many lakes vary in colors which contrast the greenish-grey landscape. On a hot summer day, a pristine alpine lake may just be the answer to a strenuous climb. Enjoy a relaxing picnic with amazing views, or perhaps cool off with a refreshing swim.

The Flüelapass is serviced by a bus (approximately one per hour) and there is a parking lot at the Wägerhus trail head. Arriving early provides you ample time to complete the loop and have a picnic by one of the many lakes in this area. Despite the length of this hike, the rewarding views will stay in your memory for a long while.


From the Wägerhus bus stop, walk past the Wägerhus to begin the climb. After approximately one kilometer, the trail will split (you can hike this loop in either direction, but it is described in the clockwise direction, ascending toward Jöriflüelafurgga (pass) and then to the lakes), this is where you can take the loop in either direction. Continue right to head toward Jöriflüelafurgga, which is another 2.8 km uphill. From the pass, the trail will begin to descend to your left when facing the lakes. Be aware that within 100 m, there is a switchback section that is quite steep with ropes to hold on to. If you are hiking with children, use caution and assist them in this area! The trail will continue to descend toward the lakes. The trail will continue along the lakes, and will turn right, just before the second large lake, heading up toward Winterlücke. This section is quite rocky with uneven footing; use caution. Just below Winterlücke there are additional lakes with great views. At Winterlücke, you will have an excellent view over the pass. Be aware of the recent rockfall to your left, which should be clearly visible by the large block rocks strewn down the mountain. These new fallen rocks do not have lichen on them yet. The trail descends to the right of this rockfall and will zig-zag at times and descend back to the trail split which was mentioned at the beginning. The trail continues down one kilometer to the bus stop.

Trail Markers: Wägerhus - Jöriflüelafurgga - Jöriseen - Winterlücke - Wägerhus

Special Features:

  • There are so many lakes in the area, it is hard to count them all. If you do, you start to wonder what constitutes a lake or is it just a large pond?

  • The remnants of the Jörigletscher can be seen on the way up to Winterlücke. In the 1960‘s there were plans for a skilift in this area to provide skiing in summer.

  • Just below the Jöriflüelafurgga, look for marmots! We saw 4-5 scurrying between the rocks.

  • This hike follows the 788 Graubunden Trail, Jöriseen Rundweg.


It may be easier to arrive by car for this hike. There is a parking lot next to the Wägerhus bus stop, if you do, arrive early (before 9am) as the parking lot is small and can fill up quickly on a nice day. There is typically a bus to/from Davos Dorf once per hour.

Be Aware:

  • This is remote alpine terrain, pack a lunch and plenty of water.

  • Although it is possible to hike this trail with children, there are some sections which require special attention and the length may be too long. We recommend this for experienced hiking families.

  • There is a very steep section just below Jöriflüelafurgga with ropes for additional support, use caution in this section!

  • There was a large rock fall recently on the west flank of the Flüela Wisshorn, which can be seen looking south from Winterlücke, use caution in this area. (Refer to the red zone on the map)

  • There are no toilets on this route.

  • Cellular reception is generally good at higher elevations in this area, however, near the lakes the service may be sporadic.


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