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How to Dress for Winter

Winter has officially arrived and we understand the need to shrug off the outdoors during these short, cold days, but if you dress right, you can enjoy the winter months outdoors.

Below are a few tips to make the most of your outdoor excursions, however, short or long they may be.

  1. Base layer - select a cozy base layer, consisting of a long sleeve shirt and long pants. Wool is ideal.

  2. Don't forget the super warm socks. We prefer wool hiking or ski socks and winter boots!

  3. Warm winter boots.

  4. Wrap yourself in a layer of fleece in the form of a fleece jacket.

  5. Now comes the snow gear - ski pants and a ski jacket.

  6. Never leave home without the scarf, hat and gloves!

  7. Sunglasses/snow goggles are a must on snowy, but sunny days. Don't forget the sunscreen!

Have fun this winter and make the most of this gorgeous season!

Parental Tip:

If you are heading outdoors for the day, throw in an extra set of clothes for your little one in the event your child gets wet with snow. This way, the car ride or train ride won't be spent soggy and wet. Here's to warm, dry clothes!

Clothing Tip:

If you are in need of winter gear and don't want to purchase new clothes, consider the new secondhand outdoor clothing store 2nd Peak.


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