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Hostel 3000 - Laax

Please do not allow the word "hostel" to deter you from a visit to this indulgent destination located in Laax. While the rooms are simple: wooden beds, private bathrooms and family rooms available upon request, what makes this destination an absolute oasis is the spa. Dreamy and indulgent in every way, this is a destination to put on your list. Plus the location is idyllic year-round, regardless of the weather!

Located in gorgeous Laax and surrounded by a lake and Alpine peaks, plan an excursion during the day and a spa visit in the afternoon. For a top day hike suggestion, we highly recommend the Caumsee loop (pictured below) located in Flims. This area is certain to calm your spirits with the tranquility of the lake. A visit to the hostel during the winter months ensures countless skiing options in the area, including the worlds largest half-pipe!

Hostel 3000 is ideal for families of all ages. The indoor swimming pools (large, small and baby) are perfect for families looking to splash around, swim some laps and relax. The indoor slide is a huge hit with the children! There is a billiard table and the location boosts an expansive outdoor section for dining and basking in the sunlight. For additional convenience, walks are available right out of the hostel's door around the lake.

There is an a-la-carte restaurant available onsite. Vegetarian dishes and special dietary needs should be stipulated in advance. A full service bar is located in the lounge, which invites you to linger over a good glass of wine and a book in hand, as you gaze out the picture windows.

For adults, the incredible spa (nude) area contains a sauna, steam room, relaxation rooms, novelty showers, plus a sound room. The spa area is comprehensive and offers pure tranquility.

A fitness area is also available onsite for those looking to sneak in a workout. Dogs are permitted in private rooms should you wish to travel with your furry friend.

Good to Know:

  • Book your room in advance. Rates are listed on the calendar on the hostel's website.

  • Specify dietary needs in advance.

  • Spa and pool towels are available for a small fee.

  • Check-in is from 16:00 - 22:00

  • Check-out is between 07:00 - 10:00.

  • Details can be found here.


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