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A Unique Hut in the Alps

Capanna Corno-Gries

Tucked away in a remote valley in Ticino is the architecturally noteworthy Capanna Corno-Gries. This hut, often cordially referred to as the Alpine Spaceship, sits with a commanding view above the Bedretto valley, below the Nufenenpass. The friendly staff is welcoming and happy to serve you drinks upon arrival while you take a break or play a game.


We chose to arrive from the Valais side of the Nufenenpass, which is a longer and higher route, which provides a variety of views along the way including the Griessee with the Griesgletscher in the distance. The easier route, from the Cruina Bus Stop, is only 2 km from the hut, but remains a moderate hike as it is all uphill. If traveling with children, this shorter route is perhaps the best approach.  There are small parking areas (free) near these bus stops which is sufficient for an overnight stay.

Hiking to Corno-Gries Hut


From the Ladstafel bus stop, follow signs toward Corno-Gries / Griespass. There is a small bridge near the bus stop, do not cross it, head towards the Lower lift station. This station is used for the hydroelectric company in the area. From the hydroelectric lift station, continue uphill; this is a mix of access roads and hiking paths which seem to zig-zag for a long climb. Gries Pass is just above the wind turbines.  Once over the pass, the trail will descend into the Val Corno toward the hut.


Trail Markers:

Ladstafel – Val Corno – Capanna Corno-Gries – Val Corno – Ladstafel

Hiking to Corno-Gries Hut


When you arrive, relax, play some games (they have plenty!) and try the local Ticino “Ciao” wheat beer. This is brewed in a Belgian style rather than a Bavarian style with a pleasant refreshing taste.  You can find more information here.


Be Aware:

  • The hut is at 2,338 m. It is possible to have inclement weather even in the summer months. The images are from August 6-7, 2023. So check the weather and be prepared! We recommend the MateoSwiss weather app, the 28h forecast is rather accurate. It can be very challenging to navigate in the snow!

  • This route is remote and near the Italian boarder, Cellular reception may be limited.

  • The area is prone to windy conditions (notice the wind turbines), be prepared with layers.

  • There is no water or toilets available on the route. These are available at hut.

  • This route has a lot of up and down walking; it is advisable to bring hiking poles.


Contact Details:

Capanna Corno-Gries

Elev. 2,338 m

+41 (0) 91 869 1129

Val Corno

6781 Bedretto

46°28'01.4"N 8°24'36.1"E

Accommodation Overview:

  • Modest rooms with bunkbeds & shared bathrooms.

  • Breakfast and dinner is included in the room rate.

  • Shower is available for 5 CHF

  • There are 46 sleeping places

  • Open June – October (summer)

  • Cash, Credit Cards, and Twint payments possible.

The valley below Nufenen Pass (Valais)


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