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Gantrisch, Switzerland - Pure Nature

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

In a valley, where few roam, sits the gorgeous area known as Gantrish. With unobstructed views and the lull of cow bells, this Nature Park, which encompasses over 400 km, lies tucked between Fribourg and Bern. With velvety green meadows and patches of pine, it might have just become our new favorite.

Void of crowds with well - marked trails, and the picturesque Gantrischseeli, all of which make for a delightful day on the trails. With slow climbs and gentle descents, visit during the summer months when the air is still fresh and the wild flowers are abundant.

Though the area is rich with child-friendly activities, this particular hike, though very scenic, does not contain any specific activities for children.

Good to Know:

· There is a toilet at the parking lot at the start and end of this hike.

· Poles might be helpful on this route.

· There is a small farm and place to grab a bite to eat not far into the hike.

· Bring a camera, as the views are incredible!

· Bring a picnic and take the time to enjoy the lake.

Tip: If you have the opportunity to hike this without the children, we can highly recommend it. Though we love to hike with the little ones at our side, this one felt extra special, as we celebrated a birthday on this trail. Plus, it felt magnificent to turn the page of a new year as a couple!

The Map:

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