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Bex Salt Mine

Bex Salt Mine - Valais


The Bex salt mine sits deep below the Earth. Known as, “the white gold of the Alps,” salt has been a treasure for centuries. The extraction of salt from the Alps has been an ongoing technological evolution. With each new technological advancement, salt extraction has become easier. Once involving the work of countless men, the salt mines in Bex, now requires the assistance of just three miners. The rest of the production has been replaced by machines that do the heavy lifting and extraction.

For a product that is essential for human health and readily used in industries such as medical, agriculture, cooking, and deicing roads, salt is a mineral most of us take for granted. As you journey through the tour, you will learn about the history of salt and man’s ongoing desire to extract this precious resource over the years.

The tour is rich with history and Bex is a fascinating experience for both old and young. The tours guides are not only informative, but full of goodwill and humor. This two hour visit, reveals an immense and fascinating world.

Bex Salt Mine - Valais


The bus stop is located directly onsite.

Fun Fact: In 1984, the Bex Salt Mines welcomed tourists for the first time.

Tip: Book your tour in advance. This popular tourist attraction frequently books out.

Location: Bex

Canton: Valais

Start Point: Bex, Mines de Sel (Bus Stop)

End Point: Bex, Mines de Sel (Bus Stop)

Adventure Level: Easy (Green)

Best Time of Year: Year Round

Time Allocated for the Activity: 2:00 hrs

Required Equipment/What to Wear: Comfortable clothing, good shoes and bring an extra layer for warmth.

Special Features:

  • Arrive at the site 15 minutes before the designated starting time.

  • Audio guides are available in multiple languages including English, French, German and Italian.

  • This is a genuinely unique experience.

  • A new appreciation for salt may exist after your tour.

  • If you are traveling with children, ask for the scavenger hunt. If your child solves the riddle, they are eligible for a small prize upon completion of the tour.

  • For history enthusiasts, this tour is fascinating.

  • Discounts are given for: Riviera Card, the Swiss Museum Pass and the Leisure Passport.

  • Special events can be booked at the mine.

Be Aware:

  • The tour may not be ideal for those that suffer from claustrophobia.

  • Be aware that a passenger train is part of the salt mine tour. The train is very small and confined.

  • Inside, the temperature hovers around 18°C. Dress appropriately.

Contact Details:

Bex Salt Mines

Route des Mines de Sel 55

1880 Bex

+41 024 463 0303

Bex Salt Mine - Valais


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