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Why We Wrote Our Books

"We created the book we wish we would have had upon our arrival in Switzerland."-Melinda

We are passionate about nature. We retreat to the natural world whenever we can and we have spent countless hours hiking on Swiss trails. I know, how lucky are we? Through all those years of hiking with and without our children, we have come to realize that we are happiest when we are surrounded by nature. We learn the most when our children are at our side exploring outdoors. This gift of nature, is one of the best offerings we can give.

We believe children and families bond and create meaningful connections in the natural world. We have observed our rambunctious son transform into a relaxed child when in the wake of fresh air and forests. We have witnessed a hyper, spinning family, fall into peaceful bliss when discovering new trails. We have been struck by moments that fill us with wonder together, as we hike in the majesty of the Swiss Alps. That love and those miracles that have infused this family were so special we wish to share them with others.

We wrote our books with families of all ages and abilities in mind. With tips, tricks, routes, GPX files, suggestions, games, and activities, we have taken the guess work out of hiking with children.

From 52 hand-selected family hikes, hikes to huts, and a winter collection; we have personally completed each hike, overnight stay and suggested activity with our children by our side so you can trust the information we provide in each of our books.

Our hope is that you are inspired to spend more quality time outdoors. The magic is waiting, just open a page in one of our books.


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