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Why We Wrote Our Books

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

"We created the book we wish we would have had upon our arrival in Switzerland."-Melinda

We are passionate about nature. We retreat to the natural world whenever we can and we have spent countless hours hiking on Swiss trails. I know, how lucky are we? Through all those years of hiking with and without our children, we have come to realize that we are happiest when we are surrounded by nature. We learn the most when we observe all that transpires in the natural world.

We believe children and families bond and create deep connections in the natural world. We have observed our rambunctious son transform into a relaxed, at ease child when in the wake of the natural world. We have witnessed a hyper, spinning family, fall into peaceful bliss with birdsong as our calming backdrop. We have been struck by moments that fill us with wonder together, as we hike on Alpine trails. That love and those miracles that have infused this family would not be as meaningful if we did not share them with others. For this love was simply too strong to keep to ourselves and thus our idea for our books were born.

We wrote, two distinct books, both revealing and making the natural world accessible to all. With tips, tricks, routes, suggestions, games, and activities, we have taken the guess work out of hiking with children. With 52 hikes, all of which we have personally completed with our children, you are sure to fall deeper in love with the Swiss landscapes and find a new way to spend your weekends and your holidays.

Our hope is that you are inspired to seek all of the gifts the natural world has to offer, all the while creating family memories that last a lifetime.

Now, more than ever, we need the natural world. Seek nature and rediscover your passion for the outdoors.


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