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Wasserfallen Rundweg

Wasserfallen, the beautiful mountain that straddles Basel and the Swiss Plateau, is the perfect location for a hike or family adventures. Allow the gondola to whisk you up the mountain and get ready for a local hike that serves up impressive views.

The circular hike (Wasserfallen Rundweg 470) takes you along wide open paths, through rocky terrain, over ridgelines, offering sights that are certain to leave you breathless. The hike can be completed in either direction and the most stunning views can be observed between Passwang Antenne and Challenchöpfli. Use caution along these sections as there are steep drops.

While there are mountain hotels/restaurants along the route, we highly recommend packing a picnic lunch and capitalizing on the time you are able to spend in nature.

Though this route is listed as a T1, don't be fooled, this T1 is a doozy and does require sturdy hiking boots, the ability to hike on narrow trails and ridgelines. We do not recommend this hike for small children or new hikers, but rather we would reserve this route for older children with plenty of hiking experience. Please pay close attention to children in areas with sharp drops and encourage everyone to use the hand-holds in areas where they are present.


Exit the lift station and turn right or left and follow the 470 (Wasserfallen Rundweg) trail markers. We recommend heading right at the playground to follow the route as indicated by the trail markers below.

Trail Markers:

Follow the 470 (Wasserfallen Rundweg) signs.

Wasserfallen > Hintere Wasserfallen > Grauboden > Vogelberg Berghaus > Passwang Antenne > Vogelberg (Passwang) > Passwang > Wasserfallen Rochus Kapelle > Chellenchöpfli > Hinter Egg > Waldweid > Wasserfallen

Special Features:

  • Despite being close to Basel, Wasserfallen makes you feel like you are truly away from it all.

  • This little mountain offers a great deal in the way of adventure. From a fabulous playground, a rope park, trotti bikes, and plenty of winter activities. You might just want to spend a full day enjoying this special mountain.

  • Enjoy one of the mountain inns for lunch or even an overnight stay. Book your overnight in advance.

  • Children ride the gondola for free with the Junior Card.

  • The mountain is ideal for year-round hikes, snowshoe tours and adventures.

  • Toilets are available at the top and bottom lift stations as well as at the mountain inns and restaurants along the route.

  • Purchase the round trip gondola ticket, which will save you money.


  • Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the views from one of the many benches located at Passwang.

  • If this hike is too advanced for your family, plan a day on the playground, rope park and select an easier hiking route to suit your families needs. This is an area not to be missed!

Be Aware:

  • Reserve this hike for older children and those families with hiking experience.

  • Please pay close attention to children in areas with sharp drops and encourage everyone to use the hand-holds in steep areas.

  • Plan a few hours on the mountain and pack plenty of water and snacks.

  • Be prepared for all types of weather. Bring layers and sun protection.

  • Wear sturdy hiking boots for this route.

  • Know the gondola schedule and do not miss the last gondola down the mountain.

  • Always confirm that the gondola is running prior to starting your journey.

For detailed information on the area, please visit the Wasserfallen website.


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