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Panorama Trail Mt. Rigi, Switzerland

As the sun finally made a long awaited appearance, we made a mad dash for the mountains. A full week into school and schedules and work, we needed nature. With awesome views and an easy hike, this route was just what we needed to release the stress of school and work! Nature is amazing at calming our nerves!

The Panorama Trail on Mt. Rigi offers up some pretty sweet views throughout. We have to say, the better the views, the happier we are. You can expect to see views of layered mountains emerging from Lake Luzern, which are very impressive.

For some reason this hike just lined up. The weather was perfect, the kids were awesome and a few of us even fell asleep on the way home. Perfection!


Use the train and the lift to make this hike more manageable with the children. Everyone will be much happier.

Good to Know:

  • This route is part of the "barrier-free" hiking route making it accessible to those with limited mobility.

  • Stroller friendly route, though you will need to push up, up and up at the end.

  • The train and lift accept the half - tax and kids were free on the train and the lift.

  • There are toilets at the train station and lift station.

  • Grilling possibilities along the route.

  • One toilet along the route about half way at a grilling station.

  • A nice playground and restaurant at Rigi Scheidegg (1656 m).

  • A small kiosk sells snacks, cheese and other goodies along the route.

Be Aware:

  • The trail is quite exposed, so on sunny days bring plenty of water, wear sun hats, sunscreen and sunglasses.

  • There are plenty of cows, so pass with caution especially when calves are present.

The Map:

Loop hike from the parking lot/Train Station at Kräbel. If you do not drive, you can connect via train in Arth - Goldau. *If you arrive by car, there is a paid parking lot at Kräbel.


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