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Mountain Safety

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

There is a lot of hype these days on getting your stoke on in the nature world. The more extreme, the better it seems. You see this on Instagram accounts and rescue teams will account for the extreme culture we are currently in.

Extreme in the Alps is not always wise with the potential to land you in a great deal of trouble.

Before venturing out on any trail or adventure, here are a few tips to ensure your safety.

1. Know and check the weather forecasts.

This is imperative in the Alps, especially since weather can change frequently and it does.

2. Check passes if a pass is part of your route.

Passes can be dangerous especially after a heavy snow season, bad weather or extreme rain. Make sure the pass is clear before starting your journey.

3. Be prepared with a first aid kit.

You never know when you may need medical supplies while on the trail.

4. Be aware of rock falls, avalanches and the elements, which all posses potential dangers.

5. Chair lift operators, tourist offices and hotel staff are great resources to ask whenever you may be in doubt.

6. Never rely on cell reception in the mountains.

Instead, go old school and carry a map, know your route and follow trail markers.

7. Carry what you need with you, which includes layers of clothing for changing weather, a hat, sunglasses, money, maps, that first aid kit, plenty of drinking water and of course, some snacks.

8. Skip the photo and don’t put yourself at risk.

Sure you might get lots of likes on Instagram, but perching yourself in a precarious pose in a dangerous location simply isn’t worth it. As a parent, remember you are setting the example.

9. Have fun!

Switzerland is gorgeous beyond belief, so soak it all in, make the most of good weather and get out there!


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