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Teufelskeller Nature Reserve - Baden

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Are you familiar with forest bathing? Forest bathing is a term that emerged in Japan in the late 1980’s. The Japanese word for forest bathing is Shinrin - yoku. The idea behind forest bathing is really very simple; by immersing ourselves in nature we have the opportunity to slow down, ignite our senses, focus on being more present and move in the direction of a meditative state.

The health benefits of forest bathing are now revealing that this simple practice can boost our immunity, enhance our mood and reduce our stress levels. In addition, forest bathing can lower our heart rate and blood pressure, all of which is measured through the Profile of Mood States Tests or POMS.

I can honestly say that on those days I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed, a simple walk in the woods does wonders for improving my mood. I return from those walks feeling uplifted and calm. In addition, whenever our children are deep in school projects, exams or simply away from the natural world for too long, we find it is essential to spend quality time in nature.

This past weekend, we had the honor of exploring a new trail in Baden. The Teufelskeller (Devil’s Cellar) Nature Reserve is a lush forest with thick moss and gorgeous vegetation. This area is perfect if you are interested in forest bathing, and not too far from Basel. Though not necessarily a child-centric route, this is an alluring area rich with stunning forests that provides reprieve from our everyday lives.

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