Ettingen to Pfeffingen - Basel-Landschaft

Updated: Sep 17


Is there anything better than hiking during the autumn months? The crisp cool air, the need for a cozy sweater and the trees that are ripe with color all make for the perfect day out. This local hike, starting in Ettingen and concluding in Aesch seems to have it all. A horse farm, calming forests, vineyards, ridges that provide striking views, old ruins, and a perfectly restored castle dating back to the 12th century.

Pack a warm drink some delicious autumn snacks and prepare to spend several hours in Basel-Landschaft.


From the Ettingen, Bahnhof tram stop (from Basel, tram 10 toward Flüh) follow the yellow trail markers in the direction of Ruine Pfeffingen. This will lead you down Hauptstrasse and will turn left onto Schanzgasse which will lead up hill, past orchards, and a horse farm. Once into the forest, the trail will split, veering left towards the vineyards (away from Ruine Pfeffingen) but towards Pfeffingen. This will lead you past vineyards, with the first ruine (Burgruine Frohberg) barely visible between the vinyards. Pay attention, after the vineyards, the trail will take a sharp right, down through the trees to a road below, this will cross the road and start the section of the trail "Burgengratweg." The trail will climb uphill to the second ruine (Burgruine Schalberg) which is a great spot for a picnic. Continue the trail around the right side of the ruine (when facing it). The trail narrows and descends. This section will be somewhat of a small ridgeline progressing past the third ruine (Bergruine Münchsberg), though not so visible from where the trail is. Continue along this path, past farms and through a small neighborhood. The trail will begin a slow climb to the last ruine (Bergruine Pfeffingen). After exploring the ruine, continue downhill towards Aesch, turning right through the forest. Use caution here as there are a few exposed areas at the edge of the trail. The trail will begin to descend, sharply as the trail veers left. Follow the trail through the forest, if you miss the yellow sign/turn-off (right) and find yourself at the road, veer all the way to the right, continuing down Buchenweg which parallels the forest. Take the second left (marked by the yellow trail-markers, to Aesch. The trail will meander through the neighborhood and arrive at Hauptstrasse in Aesch. Turn left towards the tram stop.

Trail Markers: Ettingen - Pfeffingen - Aesch (via the Burgengratweg)

Special Features:

  • This route takes you past 4 ruines: Burgruine Frohberg, Burgruine Schalberg, Bergruine Münchsberg, and culminates at the Bergruine Pfeffingen.

  • Diverse landscape throughout.

  • Perfect local hike any time of the year, but autumn is particularly beautiful.

Tip: Wear good hiking boots, as you will be hiking over rocks and over slippery areas.

Be Aware:

  • There are no toilets along the route.

  • This hike is long and is best suited for families with hiking experience.

  • This route is not stroller-friendly.

  • There is a small ridge to navigate. Please use caution and take your time in this area.

  • There is no drinking water along this route. Pack plenty.



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