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Arisdorf - Cherry Blossom Trail

To celebrate the arrival of spring, it seems only right to enjoy a gorgeous hike in the countryside among plenty of cherry trees. This time of year, when the temperatures are still chilly enough to warrant a cozy sweater or jacket and the landscape is rich with color, hiking is the ideal way to welcome the new season.

Photo from a hike on April 8, 2023

If you are searching for an easy spring hike in a beautiful location, Arisdorf, located in Basel-Landschaft, but right on the border of Aargau, is perfect. With ample farms, plenty of blossoming cherry trees and mountains in the distance, you feel away from it all without having to go far.

The best time to catch the cherry blossoms in bloom is typically during the month of April, but each year varies slightly. To confirm that your journey will indeed include blossoming trees, have a look at the Baselland Tourismus website for trails that are in bloom.


From the Parkplatz Zentrum in Arisdorf, walk to the main street (Hauptstrasse) and down the street/path on the left-hand side of the Volg market. At the back of the market there is a "Fussweg" (path) that parallels the main street and is safer. This will meander across Arisdorf and back to the main street where you will cross and walk up Hombergerstrasse on the edge of town. This road will wander uphill and past a small farm. At the top of the hill, turn left, followed by the first right down the hill with a small forest on your left. Take the first right, this will follow the wanderweg for about 3.6 km until a large farm building with a silo. Continue straight and take a left and a quick right after a smaller farm house to continue on an unmarked road. Here, you will witness some of the best cherry and apple trees in the area. The path will loop back onto Reservoirweg with fields on your right and the start of Arisdorf on your left. You will soon connect with a road and the wanderweg again that will lead to the church just above the Parkplatz Zentrum. As this path is mostly unmarked, we have provided a GPX file to download below, we recommend opening this file using the SwissTopo app, which you can get here.

Special Features:

  • This is the perfect spring route for easing into the hiking season.

  • The cherry blossoms are particularly beautiful in the area.

  • The paths are wide and easy to navigate.

  • This route is stroller-friendly and very pleasant.

  • If you are driving, there is a parking lot located almost across from the Volg grocery store, up a the hill, and a second one at the church.


This hike is an ideal route for anyone, but if you happen to have children, there is not much in terms of entertainment. Consider bringing a scavenger hunt or a list of engaging questions to ask your children as they hike. If you need inspiration, check out our activity book,

Be Aware:

  • There are no toilets along this route.

  • There is not a location to fill water, so please bring plenty.

  • Most of this route is not marked! It is recommended to download the gpx file below to help you navigate. Our recommendation is to use the Swisstopo app with this file.

  • Consider bringing a picnic for this hike.

  • If you embark on this hike during the summer months, please bring hats, sunglasses and sunscreen, as there is little to no shade.

  • There are a couple of road crossings on this hike and the paths are shared with cars in some areas. Please use extra caution in these locations.

Arisdorf Cherry Hike
Download GPX • 147KB


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