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Inspiring families and individuals to connect with nature one outdoor experience at a time.

Fresh Air Kids Switzerland


Our Mission:

We are on a BIG mission to start an outdoor revolution that connects as many families and individuals as possible to the natural world. By breaking down the barriers of spending quality time outside, we hope to inspire, motivate and encourage more outdoor adventure in the lives of people across the globe.

We spent that last two decades connecting deeply with the natural world. Through hiking, exploration and observation we have discovered firsthand that the landscape we love is changing. That led us to the next evolution in our journey.

reVyven - Where environmental ideas come to life.
Connect.  Learn.  Make a Difference.

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Outdoor Adventures

Nature Connection

Family Memories


Outdoor adventures for the entire family.


Family Hikes

Winter Fun


Hikes to Huts

What People are Saying

"How I wish this book had been available years ago when my children were small and we ventured forth eager to explore the Swiss countryside! But it is never too late —even though our children are grown, we intend to make full use of it for our retirement excursions, as well as when the grandchildren come to visit. I can’t think of a better adventure to offer them. The book is chock-full of incredibly useful information and practical advice for getting the most out of family hikes—a true bible for anyone interested in exploring this country’s great outdoors."

Jeanne Darling

Author of Basel’s Hidden Stories and The Monster Book of Switzerland

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