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You Belong in Basel

One of the greatest aspects of living in Basel is that the city is bustling with friendly people. Due to the fact that Basel boosts over 27% non-Swiss nationals, the city is teeming with individuals and families who long to make Basel feel like home. As one of the friendliest expat cities in Switzerland, InterNations reports that more than 70% of expatriates have lived in the city for more than three years. With work being one of the main reasons people relocate, the city is attractive when it comes to employment in the healthtech, medtech, life science and pharmaceutical industries. But what happens when you relocate to the city and know very little about the daily life?

I recently had the opportunity to meet and befriend Meaghan Renner Ofori, Co-Founder of You Belong in Basel, an organization dedicated to helping create a sense of community within the city of Basel. Their goal is to make Basel feel like home by connecting new and old residents to daily life in the city.

You Belong in Basel's website is home to loads of helpful information including

  • areas to discover,

  • how to select the best neighborhood for you and your family,

  • how to settle in to your new city with lots of tips and tricks,

  • how to learn German

  • where to travel and more.

If you haven't yet checked out You Belong in Basel, it's time you do, especially if you are a new resident of this incredible city! Oh, and if you want to read their latest article featuring the Fresh Air Kids, click here.


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