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Winter Kids Switzerland - Our New Book!

Winter officially starts on Wednesday, December 21 this year. For many of us, the dark days of winter are dreaded. Chilly mornings greet us as we climb out of toasty warm beds and with winter, there are fewer light hours to bring cheer to our days. Our inclination this time of the year is to make like a bear and simply hibernate, but before you indulge in that romantic notion of passing winter, may we offer you an alternative?

  • Instead of despising the winter and wishing those frigid days would pass, what if you embraced it?

  • What if you wrapped your family up in the right gear and headed outside?

  • What if you made an adventure out of exploring Switzerland like never before?

That is exactly what we learned to do. We weren’t always winter people, but as we observed our children fall in love with the winter months, their love of the season was contagious. We learned to delight in the Swiss winters in a whole new way and that appreciation gave way to our latest book.

Winter Kids Switzerland encapsulates winter in Switzerland in a single book. With four distinct chapters we inform our readers how to “winter” in this gorgeous country.

Our latest book highlights:

  • 36 family activities, plus over 80 suggested locations

  • winter sports

  • inspirational and creative ideas

  • festivals

  • special activities you can only participate in during this magical time of the year.

We also provide helpful resources and valuable information on how to safely enjoy the outdoors during the winter months. The book profiles 36 family-friendly winter activities, which are not all skiing based because, we have come to realize that Switzerland is so much more than just skiing! The book concludes with inspirational projects, ideas and ways you and your family can spread some holiday cheer.

This winter, as tempting as it may be to remain snug in your home, resist that urge. Step outside, into the cold and witness winter like never before! You never know, this might just be your best winter yet!

Thank you to the team at Helvetiq for trusting us with this project. We are grateful to all the hands that that have touched this book!

To hear Melinda and Robert speak about their latest project, please join them at the following event: Helvetiq Piazza at Markthalle, November 4 at 19:00.

To preorder your copy of Winter Kids Switzerland, please click here.


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