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Where to Snowshoe

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Snowshoeing is such a delight and a fabulous way to take full advantage of the winter months.

If you are looking for a great location to give snowshoeing a whirl, we can recommend Les Paccots.

Please remember to always snowshoe on the designated pink winter trails. Whenever we venture off the designated trails, we risk our personal safety and may cause avalanches, which are sadly, quite prevalent this year. Be safe and have fun!

Les Paccots/Les Rosalys (we provide full details in our book) is ideal for snowshoeing. This area is snug between the Vevey and Fribourg valleys and sits at 1,000m. The area is gorgeous and a genuine delight for snowshoeing with its well - marked, easy to follow snowshoe trails. The elevation of the area is relatively low, making the activity of snowshoeing not too strenuous for first timers.

If you are looking to extend your stay, consider an overnight at the modest, yet conveniently located Hotel Restaurant Les Rosalys.


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