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What are the boundaries of nature?

Yesterday, while giving a corporate presentation on “The Education of Nature,” we were asked a very powerful question. “What are the boundaries of nature?” The individual presented Everest as an example. How a once pristine part of the planet, has morphed into a heap of trash for tourists, exploiting a precious part of our world. Everest, which is an iconic symbol of beauty, is a now the human representation of our destruction.

In each of our books we discuss the importance of respecting nature. We ask our readers to stay on the trails or designated walking zones. We encourage individuals to be respectful of the natural world by limiting plastic use, throwing trash away properly and observing nature without causing harm because at the end of the day, we are just visitors, merely passing through. We want readers to witness animals in their natural environment, but not encroach on their homes.

In our second book, we made the vow to give back to an organisation that works to help protect and preserve the environment. That led us to our partnership with Almighty Tree. Together, we have created the Fresh Air Kids Switzerland planting day, where together with volunteers, we will plant trees in an area that needs support.

But that leads us to this, what can we be doing better? What simple or big steps can we be doing to demonstrate respect and regard for the planet? Though we have not listed all the ways in which we strive to make better choices, we are interested in hearing from you. I was grateful for that question, because as we embark on this journey, we are determined to learn in the process. We want to do better. What organizations we can pair with to make a difference? What choices we can make that will leave a lasting impact? What can we be reading? We look forward to hearing from you!


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