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Understanding Winter Hiking Trails in Switzerland

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Winter Hiking Trails:

If you are new to Switzerland or just visiting during the winter months, it's quite possible you have seen the pink hiking signs all over. Whenever you see the pink hiking signs, these paths are designated for winter sports, such as walking, hiking, snowshoeing and sledding.

The poles with the pink colored paint indicate that the area is not groomed or prepared like the other paths with the trail makers.

The turquoise sign posts indicate cross country skiing tracks. When crossing over these tracks on foot or snowshoes, remember to not walk in the tracks. Smashing the tracks ruins the tracks for the classic style skating.

If you see purple signs with a sled, know these tracks are used for sled runs. Be aware that winter hiking may also take place on these paths, so watch out for hikers!

We hope these pictures and this information helps you and your family enjoy a winter of outdoor fun!


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