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Trail Family- Insider Tips

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Here is the honest truth; there is no such thing as a perfect trail family. Nope, it simply doesn’t exist. We spend loads of time outside and on the incredible network of trails in Switzerland, but not all of our trips are nature induced bliss.

Yes, we struggle, we cringe at the uphills, and we make rookie mistakes like everyone. Our children throw fits, cry and have meltdowns, as do we, but they recover (sometimes we do too) and together as a family, we push on. We believe pushing through the hard times teaches us all valuable life lessons. We hope we are right!

The one aspect of the natural world that is always perfect is the fact that it is ever present. Nature is always there for us; to calm our overstimulated minds and to provide exercise is an overly stagnant world. Nature provides us with beauty that our eyes have yet to grow tired of.

Despite some difficult times, some of our happiest moments as a family have been spent on the trails. We think being candid is paramount when it comes to hiking with children. Being vulnerable is never comfortable, but we want to let families know that to abandon the outdoors because of less than favorable situations is to neglect a world that imparts endless wonder.

So, here's the main take away; push through the hard times and we promise, you will be rewarded with so many gifts only the natural world can provide.


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