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The Writing Process

There are a few reasons we have pursued the craft of writing over the years. First and foremost, we believe in the power of nature and we wish to share our experiences with others. Nature has brought us some of our happiest, wildest and most beautiful moments as individuals, as a couple, a family, with friends and even strangers over the years. Nature has informed us of where we are and where we aspire to be in the future. It has been a divine educator, has humbled us and proven to be the ideal environment to remind us what matters the most in this world.

We have said this on more than one occasion, but it is worth repeating: some of our happiest, and most memorable days as a family have been spent immersed in the natural world. That level of contentedness, we rarely feel elsewhere.

The second, is that we adore the process. We love pitching ideas, waiting anxiously for the yes or the no, conducting all of the research, and putting our heads down and getting to work. Writing, editing, writing and editing are now cycles we have grown accustom to in this remarkable process. Writing is an area in which we are always learning, expanding our voices and making ridiculous mistakes. All of which are part of this tedious, yet rewarding journey.

Meeting with all of the individuals and teams that help bring our vision to life, contribute to a meaningful experience both personally and professionally. The entire process fills us with excitement, fear, vulnerability and tremendous joy! We feel incredibly privileged to be a part of such a powerful opportunity.

For us, writing has never just been about words on a page; rather, it is about trying to capture moments infused with awe and love, hope and desire, learning and letting go. It is an attempt to encapsulate the most significant moments of our children’s lives and the time we spend together as a family. It is the desire to stretch out, try new endeavors and watch as the world magically unfolds before our eyes.

In conclusion, we write because we still value and believe in the power of print. We actually prefer this tactile experience of delivering a message to our readers. Holding an actual book in our hands is deeply meaningful and we long for the printed word to continue to thrive now and in the future.

While we guardedly believe in technology, we also know there is endless content available to us. With that in mind, the time we spend, or rather lose, sifting through and deciphering information online, eats away at our ability to actually do the thing we wish to be doing. By writing books, it is our desire to make the approach of travel, exploration and spending quality time outdoors as seamless as possible. One book – a simple, yet relatable format – that provides insight into a whole new world without all of the distraction.

In short, being a part of the writing world is not only a dream come true (I was the child who longed to be a writer since grade school), it is a deep passion.

The words are woven onto each page with the hope of creating a bright future with the realization that without a connection to the natural world, preservation of our wild and sacred spaces is simply not possible.

Thank You!

Thank you to all of you who have purchased our books, who have participated in our adventures and been our supporters from the inception of this project. We set out to create something in our first book and that something has taken flight in the most beautiful possible way. That journey would never have been possible without you.


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