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Our Love for the Mountains

We want to share a little secret with you; we ADORE the Swiss Alps. OK, scrap that. We are in deep LOVE with those mountains that sit just a couple of hours from our home. The Alps have etched themselves on our hearts much the way a lover does. We never knew such a love was possible until we were properly acquainted with the Alps. But the more we learned, the harder we fell. We are giddy and anxious with anticipation whenever those mountains come to mind. Whenever we are away too long, they beckon and whisper our names begging us to come back for more. We eagerly answer the call.

Because whenever we are in their presence, they delight us in a way that is unimaginable. They make the mundane tasks of this life a bit easier to swallow. They make us feel small when we need to be humbled and when the world and all of its complexities wear on us, they show us how simple this life can be. Now that we understand their power, we can hardly imagine life without the mountains.

When we are present in those mountains, all things are possible. Whenever we are surrounded by unfiltered beauty, we want to push our personal limits. We long to hike, adventure, and allow our thoughts to ramble, hoping, with each step that we get the opportunity to do it all over again. We long to sweat, cry and fall back into ourselves in a way that can only be experienced without distractions because those mountains always render their undivided attention.

The mountains are pure and true, never straying, never telling stories except those we long to hear. We know we must tread lightly, remembering to be cautious with our actions, or they will quickly remind us that this relationship is one of give and take.

The mountains teach us patience revealing themselves one layer at a time, never divulging all of their cards at once. We learn to wait. Though we are always in a state of deep anticipation for what is to come, they gently remind us to slow down and breathe in all they have to offer.

Those mountains, those ever changing, magical mountains, made us love in a way that we didn’t know was possible. Throughout the years they have taught us to appreciate this life all the more and for that, we are forever grateful.

*A version of this post appeared on our former blog: More 2 Explore.


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