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The Environment and the Products We Use

Fresh Air Kids is a family that tries to make decisions with thought and intention. We try to do right by our family and the environment by purchasing items that are better for the planet and healthy for our bodies. Do we fall short? Yes, of course we do, but we are certainly putting forth tremendous effort.

We recently discovered the company Green Capim. A company that sells Eco products in an effort to do right by the planet and lessen our human impact. Before I dive deeper into the products we are thoroughly enjoying, it is important to note that we are not affiliated with Green Capim. We are simply grateful for their customer support, professionalism and their desire to do the right thing. Today, it is not always easy to find a company with high integrity, fabulous customer service and incredible products. Green Capim delivers in all of these areas!

That leads me to this. When we travel, as we frequently do, we want products that are Eco friendly, easy to pack and that can be used by our entire family.

Here are a few items we make sure to pack with us.

  1. Bamboo Floss - We love this product! Honestly, it feels pretty genius! It is biodegradable, the refills are fantastic and the packaging is minimal. Win - win!

  2. Bamboo Toothbrush - Because at the end of the day brushing your teeth with your name inscribed on it, is just pretty awesome and the handle is not plastic! Whoop, whoop!

  3. Natural Deodorant - The deodorant, which doesn't use any harmful chemicals, smells great and can be used by my entire family. Perfect for travel and days on the trail!

  4. Sporks - A wonderful travel companion that minimizes our use of plastic. We simply keep them in our backpacks and pull them out whenever we need a utensil for eating that perfect trail snack.

So, here's to companies working hard to make a difference! Green Capim also makes us smile with their thoughtfulness, which matters too!


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