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The Children's Zoo Basel

Do your children love animals? Have they ever wondered what it would be like to work at the Basel Zoo? Well, children from eight years of age and older are able to work in the petting zoo on a weekly basis. Children may work at the zoo every day, plus on school holidays and public holidays. How cool is that?

This is an educational experience for children that not only teaches them empathy for animals, but also the necessary care animals need in order to thrive. Children learn responsibility and hard work, which in an incredible setting. Children always work under the supervision of a zoo keeper, who will guide them throughout their day. The children will also learn to collaborate with other volunteers of all ages in a team environment.

Good to Know:

Children need to dress appropriately for their time at the zoo. Long pants and long sleeves are advised, as are good shoes. Please have your children dress for any kind of weather. Have your child wear clothes that can get dirty and smelly! Trust us, they will smell!

Children should pack their own lunch and/or snacks for their time at the zoo. They may elect to dine at the restaurant, however, will need money for this experience. Children should also bring a water bottle.

While working at the zoo is indeed helpful, children are still required to pay their admission fee. Please know that subscriptions are accepted for working at the zoo.

The meeting location for volunteering at the zoo is in the front of the "stall" at the children's zoo. If you are uncertain of the meeting point, please ask at the time of entry.

Children are not required to register for the this experience, however, they are required to show up on time at the designated location.

Working times are as follows: 08:05 - 11:45 and/or 13:30 - 16:45.

Parents should speak to their children about proper zoo etiquette and how to treat all animals at the zoo with respect. Zoo keepers are permitted to send poorly behaved children home at any time!

On a personal note, both of our children have worked at the zoo on several occassions. This has been a rewarding experience for them and they both learned a great deal.

For additional details, please visit the Basel Zoo.


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