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Take a Hike & Support Your Locals

If you are looking for a way to give back to the community during your next hike, consider this.

If you happen to pass a farm, or a self-service kiosk, purchase something that is for sale.

Today, we passed a gorgeous farm that was selling local honey, cherries and fruit.

By supporting our locals, including our farmers, we keep money within the community, consume food that is locally sourced, cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and the requirement of energy and water.

Plus, when we stop to think of the art of working with our hands, of cultivating the land and sharing your bounty with others, that is a small window into humanity at its finest. It’s honest work. It’s work that matters because when we feed others, we ultimately feed ourselves. That’s the poetry in buying local because it says, what you do matters. I see your hard work and I value your effort.


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