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Hike Switzerland

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

If you are new, or even well acquainted with Switzerland and looking for tips for self-guided hikes throughout the county, our books, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland are the perfect companions. Use our books as inspiration to guide your own Swiss adventure. With day trips provided in our first book and overnight stays in our second book, there truly is something for everyone.

Before you start, please take the time to acquaint yourself with chapter two of both of our books for tips on safety, how to read trail markers and what to pack for optimal safety. We mention this twice in this post because it is that important! Safety first!

Our first book, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland - 52 Inspiring Hike That Will Make Kids and Parents Happy, contains 52 hikes throughout 19 of Switzerland's 26 cantons. With four comprehensive chapters, including everything you need to know to safely hike in Switzerland as a family, our book eliminates all the guess work. We teach our readers how to read trail signs, provide helpful tips and tricks, and let you know what to pack for a successful day on the trail. Each hike includes a special activity for children, GPX files, plus, special features and anything you might need to be aware of to make the most of your trail experience. No need to search through endless websites to find your next excursion, we did the planning so you don't have to. Plus, we hiked each location in our books with our two children, so the routes are possible to complete as a family! Select the trail difficulty that is most comfortable for your family and enjoy a day of hiking fun!

Our latest book, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland - Hikes to Huts, offers overnight stays in some of Switzerland's most beautiful and scenic mountain huts throughout the Swiss Alps. Hand - selected and personally stayed in, these huts are all special and unique.

The 32 hikes and four multi - day adventures, all provide you with the perfect opportunity to experience Switzerland like never before.

This book contains everything you need to plan and execute a memorable overnight stay in Switzerland. This book is ideal for families or individuals with some hiking experience (none of the hikes are stroller friendly, however), but don't worry, we provide all of the details you need and information required for your stay in the Swiss Alps! A memorable and unforgettable time is waiting for you!

All of our books are available in English, German and French and available here and here.


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