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Summer Retreat - Swiss Alps

Updated: Feb 25

This trip is fully booked!

Step back into a simpler time this summer. Join us on a three day, two night hiking excursion you will never forget high above Lauterbrunnen Valley!

This year, Fresh Air Kids will be organizing a women's retreat to a very special, albeit, remote location in the Swiss Alps. We will be working with a dear friend who recently visited Nepal and was so moved by the experience she would like to give back to a community in need.

By participating in this trip, my good friend, Teresa, will be supporting the organization Peace for People .

She is requesting from each participant CHF 100, which will go directly toward school supplies (a school bag, school uniform, shoes, paper, pen, and a water bottle) for one child for one year. Why? According to Peace for People, out of the 100 students who start grade one, sadly only 33 of them will ever make it to the 12th grade. Students leave the school system due to lack of funding for the necessary materials to continue their education.

It is the goal of Peace for People, by 2030 to lower the drop out rate and to supply an additional 8,000 students with the materials they need to successfully move through the educational system. Not only are they hoping to provide school supplies to the students in need, they are also trying to provide necessary training for teachers, create personal and skilled based programs for students, as well as enhancing mental and emotional health of the population.

We thank you in advance for your support and even if you are not able to attend, we would be grateful for your donation! All donations should go directly to the organization. We will not be collecting any money for the charity personally.

For those interested in attending, the deadline for registration is February 14th. We will keep the group small, so registration will close with a total of 8 participants. We will accept two wait listed participants in the event someone must cancel at the last minute.

Future Events:

Should this event be a raging success, and let's get real, how could it not, we will plan future events!

If you would like, please send a message and I will add your name to a mailing list for future hiking events.

What to Expect:

A no frills weekend where nature provides endless entertainment!

This is not a luxurious trip! If you are looking for an Alpine spa experience, this is not the trip for you! If you are looking for an absolutely stunning hike in a remote Alpine location, where life moves at a slower pace, void of technological distractions and the noise of everyday life, this is the retreat for you!

If you don't mind: sweating, sharing a room, sharing a bathroom, eating simple communal meals and being surrounded by pristine nature, well then, please sign up because I cannot wait to meet you!

This location is remarkably special and will always hold a place in my heart! Whenever I visit his remote area, it feels as though I am partaking in a pilgrimage of sorts; one that always permits reflection and personal joy! My hope is that for all who attend, you leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and feel as though you participated in something incredible!


We will be staying in one Alpine hut. Both nights we will be staying at Berggasthaus Tschingelhorn (1690 m). The cost per night for a double room is CHF 98.00. Special meals must be requested in advance and vegan meals are not possible. There is a cost for showering of CHF 5.00. Dinner is served promptly at 19:00.

The Berggasthaus supplies sheets, pillows and duvets in the double rooms. No sleeping sacks are required.


Meals are simple, yet delicious. Any dietary restrictions/needs must be stipulated in advance! Please let me know at the time of registration!

Vegans cannot be accommodated on this trip. Sorry!

All supplies arrive to the hut by helicopter, therefore, meals are planned in advanced and supplements/last minute exchanges are NOT possible. A typical dinner consists of soup or salad, a meat dish (usually beef, sometimes pork), and a dessert. Breakfast is coffee or tea, bread and jam. Simple food for a simple, yet magical place.


We will maintain our reservation regardless of the weather! Please plan accordingly.


Friday, August 25 - We will leave from Basel SBB around 08:00 (train information pending)

(if you do not reside in Basel, we will meet you in Stechelberg)


Sunday, August 27 late afternoon/early evening

Special Note on Cancellations:

Should you elect to cancel your reservation, you are still responsible for your room cost, unless we are able to find a replacement.


Each participant will be responsible for both overnight room fees, food (breakfast and dinner are included), snacks, drinks and lunch, and public transportation costs.

Breakdown of Costs:

Tschingelhorn: In a double room - CHF 98.00, which includes halbpension (breakfast and dinner)

Should you like to shower at Tschingelhorn, the fee is CHF 5.00 per shower.

Skill Level:

Moderate to Challenging

This route is remarkably beautiful, but the second portion of the hike is primarily uphill. While the trails are well-marked and maintained, the route does require a certain level of fitness. Individuals who wish to participate must be comfortable navigating Alpine terrain (we will be hiking on white-red-white trails) have hiking experience, good stamina and a positive attitude. I love positive attitudes!

Day One:

The hike up to the mountain is marked as 2.5 hrs, however, we are in no rush! We will stop for lunch (please bring your own). The total number of kilometers is only 5.5 km with lots of switchbacks and a steady uphill climb.

Altitude Gain: Stechelberg (start) 922 m - Tschingelhorn/Obersteinberg 1,778 m (finish)

Day Two:

We will be hiking to a gorgeous Alpine Lake, given there is water in the lake! Yes, you can swim in the lake! We will then either hike up to a moraine and onto an Alpine meadow, bringing us back to Tschingelhorn where we will stay the night!

Trail Markers:

Hotel Stechelberg - Trachsellauenen - Tschingelhorn/Obersteinberg

White-Red- White

Areas of Interest and Caution:

This area is remarkably stunning! It is important to note that part of its charm is that it is extremely remote, meaning, it is accessible by foot and helicopter only!

Due to global warming, areas of the Alps are facing significant changes that often impact hiking routes, water crossings, Alpine lakes, etc. Please use caution whenever in the Alps and be aware of your surroundings!

What to Wear/Bring:

Traveling light will make your hike up to Tschingelhorn/Obersteinberg that much more enjoyable! Please keep that in mind when packing.

  • Wear sturdy hiking boots! Tennis shoes are not hiking boots and are dangerous for this route!

  • Hiking poles

  • A small day pack/backpack for hiking day two

  • Hats (one for warmth and one for sun)

  • Buff (small scarf like object which serves multiple purposes)

  • Something to sleep in

  • A change of clothes (especially a clean shirt for each day, socks and underwear) you may wish to wear your hiking pants more than once

  • A quick dry towel for washing your face, showering (night two) and drying if you plan to swim in the Alpine lake (if there is water)

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Layers (rain gear and warm clothing)

  • A full water container with enough water for a full day

  • Lunch for day one and snacks for the rest of the trip

  • Headlamp (optional for night)

  • Wallet with your travel and health cards

  • Cash! Cash is much appreciated and often the only means of payment at the huts!

  • Toiletries (shampoo (night two), soap, toothbrush, floss, comb, pads, tampons, lotion & deodorant)

  • Medical Kit (all medication you need including headache & stomach medication, plasters, antiseptic spray, arnica cream, gauze, tweezers, insect repellent, etc)

  • Rega Patron Card

Special Word:

Melinda is not an official tour guide and will not be functioning as such. Each individual who participates in this trip is solely responsible for his or herself. Melinda assumes no responsibility for any individual on this trip except herself.

While the route to the hut will be carefully planned, each individual is responsible for their own safety and well-being. She assumes no responsibility should someone get hurt and is therefore, not liable.

Melinda will secure the reservations for both of the Alpine huts, and outline the designated route to and from the hut, but again, is not facilitating this hike as a tour guide or accepting payment for this weekend excursion.


While Melinda is not charging for the organization of the trip, the best way to show your support for all of the love and energy put into this three-day event is by purchasing one of our books! If you already have all of our books, please consider a purchase as a gift for a friend or family member!

Thank you kindly!

Delivery by helicopter to Obersteinberg. All supplies for the Berghotel are delivered this way!

Yes, it really is that gorgeous!