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Spring Hike with the Basel Children's Trust

We are thrilled to announce that we will be joining the Basel Children's Trust (BCT) for a spring hike on one of our favorite trails.

If you are looking for the perfect spring hike, look no further! For those of you who love the gorgeous cherry blossoms, this hike is for you. Ideal for families of all ages, this is a family outing you won't want to miss. Though we can never predict or perfectly time the cherry blossoms, we hope we are able to witness the trees in all of their glory. If for some reason we do miss the blossoms, don't worry, we will bring smiles and a deep sense community!

Join us for the "Fricktaler Chriesiwäg" in Frick on April 30th. If you cannot attend this hike, you can find all of the details in our first book.

The details for the hike are outline below, or please feel free to visit the BCT's website.

Date: April 30th

Time: 11:00 - 14:00

Meeting Point: "Fricktaler Chriesiwäg" in Frick - Exact location Märtenweg (there is a small farm at this location and we will meet at the farm and start the hike).

Train Travel: Some BCT members will be meeting at the Basel SBB and taking the 10:20 train to Frick.

What to Bring: Please bring a picnic lunch, plenty of water, wear good outdoor clothing, and pack sunscreen and hats. Let's hope for sunny weather! Oh, and don't forget your camera!

Stroller-Friendly: Yes!

Directions: From the Frick Train Station, turn right, following the brown signs for "Fricktaler Chriesiwäg" which is represented by a cartoon drawing of a family of cherries. The trail follows the yellow trail markers and continues to display "Fricktaler Chriesiwäg." These brown "Fricktaler Chriesiwäg" signs may appear as green arrows on poles leading the way, and will deviate from the yellow trail by directing you up to Märtenweg and to the small farm.

We will meet at the small farm at 11:00.


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