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Sledding Wiriehorn - Switzerland

Diemtigen Wiriehorn Sledding


For a beautiful sled run in Nature Park Diemtigtal, consider a visit to Wiriehorn. The area is home to a pleasant 5.6 km sled run, which leads through forests, provides gorgeous views and is a quiet winter wonderland. The perfect place to unwind during the winter months, plus, for those that enjoy speed, the end of this route is fast!

Rent your sled at the base of the lift and get ready for a day of fresh air. Your sled rental will cost you roughly CHF 15 (depending on the type of the sled you choose).

Diemtigen Wiriehorn Sledding

Head over to the Diemtigen, Riedli chairlift, which will sweep you up the mountain. Hop off the lift and get ready to start the sled run. The sled run is a mix of walking and sledding, making it ideal for those looking to linger a bit longer and take in the scenic views. The sled run doubles as a walking trail, so please use caution when walkers are present.

The route is classified as "advanced," due to the fact that once you come to the section just before the street crossing (near the bottom, farm area), the sled route picks up some serious speed! Use caution in this section and please keep children close. Toward the very end the sled run may be icy due to a nearby snow making machine, if it is operating. This made the track icy, making steering and stopping quite difficult. Please be prepared to help children in the area. At the very end, near the lower lift station, the path hooks very hard to the left. Be careful and go very slowly!

Wiriehorn Sledding Switzerland

If you are looking for additional winter fun in the area, this small area is bustling with activity. The location is home to the Diemtigtal Swiss Ski School, making lessons for children possible. There are 17.5 km of ski runs with a variety of levels available. Night skiing and night sledding are possible every Friday evening for the thrill seekers in your group. There is a snowpark in the area, plus 9.8 km of snowshoe trails, and 22 km of cross-country tracks. With 12 km of hiking trails and over 5 km for the sled run, the area is a little oasis of winter activity.


Once off the lift, follow the purple poles (to your right exiting the lift area) and sled signs indicating the sled route. See detailed map below.

Special Features:

  • This area accepts the Magic Pass!

  • The area is home to loads of winter activities.

  • There are plenty of parking spots in the area.

  • A sport rental facility is available onsite.

  • Toilets are located at the base of the lift and at the top.

  • There is a restaurant located at the top lift station (Berghotel Wiriehorn)

  • If arriving by public transport, you will get off at the Riedli, Talstation Wiriehorn (Bus 250 25507)

Wiriehorn Sledding Switzerland


The chairlift is not covered and makes for a very cold ride. Please dress warmly not only for the sled run, but also for the chairlift. Face covering and hand protection are musts!

Be Aware:

  • The sled run is a combination or walking and sledding.

  • Please use caution in the area where the sled run crosses the street. This area is toward the bottom of the sled run and visible.

  • The end of the sled run is fast and may be icy. Please use extra caution in this area.

  • The lift station did not accept the Junior Card nor the Half Fare Travel card.

  • Pick up the free map of the area at the ski lift or even in the bathrooms. These little maps are free and contain valuable information.

  • Always check lift times and weather before you start out on your journey.

  • A webcam of the area can be found here.

  • Emergency numbers for the area can be found here.

Wiriehorn Sledding Switzerland

Here is the map of the sled run and helpful information.


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