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Raising Teens

I've never raised teens before. It sounds funny, but it's true. The only thing I know about navigating the teenage years is from my own experience and that was decades ago. While we read, we learn and listen, these years are challenging. Difficult for our children who must learn to steer through the awkward days and demanding for us as parents, who are determined to get it right. As parents, we want to keep the lines of communication open, as we watch our children move further away from us.

This month, we share an article with you that we recently published on Momizen. "Eight Effective Tips for Raising Teens," provides a few insider tips from a family that is currently working through the teenage years. While our parenting isn't perfect, we are certainly putting forth tremendous effort when it comes to meeting the needs of our teens.

To read the article, please visit Momizen Zurich. Oh, and all the best with your parenting journey. As much as our children need their peer group during this special time, we too, need support from others who have been there!


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