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Pools in the Basel Area

Summer! Oh my, it is heating up this summer in Basel and the best way to escape the heat is to visit one of the local swimming pools. From baby pools, to slides, to diving boards, to restaurants and changing rooms, we are fortunate enough to have several public pools accessible and affordable in our area.

If you do not already have the Familien Pass, considering purchasing this handy little card that not only provides discounts for family activities, but for just CHF 30 per year, it comes with two plus pages of coupons, including multiple free passes for pools in the area and pays for itself almost immediately.


Place the pool coupons in a jar and allow your children to grab a coupon at random. Once you see what the coupon reads, that will be the pool you visit for the day.

Schwimmbad Aesch – Dornacherstrasse 85, 4147 Aesch

A personal favorite is the Aesch pool. Yes, prepare for a rather long journey to get there if you are coming from the city, but the pool is perfect for little people. The small river in the baby pool area was a hit with our son who loved to watch balls and toys float down the path. As a parent, I could watch both of my children at the same time in this condensed area. The slide was perfect for a bit of adventure, dropping children out into a shallow pool. With a restaurant onsite and ample grass space, I simply adore this pool. Arrange to meet friends here on a sunny day and enjoy a full day of outdoor fun!

Gartenbad St. Jakob – St. Jakobs Strasse 400

St, Jakob pool is a gorgeous, outdoor haven for swimming enthusiasts. The baby pool has been completely redesigned, making it safer and more enjoyable for small children. The slides are always a big hit with older children, as are the diving boards. With five pools, ample grass space, a restaurant, changing areas and showers, you might just happily spend an entire day here.

Gartenbad beim Scholss Bottmingen – Burggartenstrasse 15

This pool is lovely in every way. With an expansive lawn area, a sliding board, diving boards, a generous lap pool and a whirlpool, your children will be entertained for hours. There is a restaurant onsite, plus showers and a large locker room. The pool is beautifully maintained and makes for a perfect outing.

Naturbad Riehen – Weilstrasse 69

This is truly a one-of–a-kind experience. The Naturbad is just that, natural. No chlorine, rather, the “pool” looks like a lake. I must admit, the pool is hard for our daughter to embrace as she cannot see underwater, but it has a wonderful relaxed vibe and is perfect for those people who may not do well with chlorine. Small, but delightful, this unique swimming pool is worth a visit.

Other pools that are part of the Familienpass include Buus, Arlesheim, Pratteln, Rheinfelden, and Laufen.

Stay cool this summer and enjoy one of the beautiful swimming pools in the area!


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