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New Partnership - You Belong in Basel

Here at Fresh Air Kids, we appreciate those organizations that are putting their best foot forward when it comes to helping others. A few months back we had the privilege of meeting the Founder and Creative Director of You Belong in Basel (YBI Basel). Their mission is to, "Help new residents of Basel find their new home in this exiting city." Their website provides a plethora of helpful details including "informative articles, detailed neighborhood profiles and travel suggestions." The perfect resource for individuals new to the area.

In addition to providing residents with fabulous resources, "YBI Basel helps, foreign nationals settle, connect and thrive in the Basel region." YBI Basel is hard at work helping newcomers navigate their life in their new home by helping them appreciate local customs and participate fully in their community."

Fresh Air Kids Switzerland is thrilled to announce our newest partnership with You Belong in Basel. We have some exciting events planned, so stay tuned. Next week we will publicize our first collaborative event and as an expat family ourselves, we know that one of the keys to settling in and feeling comfortable in your new home is getting involved.

Welcome You Belong in Basel!


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