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New Partnership - Momizen

Welcome Momizen!

Fresh Air Kids Switzerland is deliberate with those companies and organizations we partner with. We have spent that last decade cultivating our love of the natural world and immersing our family in nature. Through that love we have passionately created the Fresh Air Kids Switzerland books series. We are committed to partnering with organizations that help families connect to the natural world, act as stewards for the environment, foster a love of education and work toward an inclusive community.

That brings us to our newest partner, which we would like to welcome with open arms this week. Momizen is an online community that connects families and caregivers with educational and fun experiences for their children. Momizen has become a scalable platform with a positive social impact on the next generation through education, environmental learning and by supporting small businesses. On one side of the platform, parents and caregivers can find the right activity for their children, quickly and with insight from real reviews by other parents, while allowing businesses the opportunity to reach their market directly. This permits businesses the benefit of collaborating with a trusted community. The outcome encourages parents and caregivers to feel less isolated and better connected to other families and organizations in their area.

Momizen was created in 2019 by founder and mother of three, Maria Karachaliou. Her primary goal in creating Momizen was to help families find activities and child-friendly activities in one central location. Once those activities are located, families and caregivers can expect to connect with reputable education programs, camps, swimming locations, and parks, all of which offer tips, ideas, and helpful insights. Momizen aims to provide the complete digital experience for parents and businesses, bringing the most suitable and engaging activities to children of all ages.

Momizen’s main audience are families and caregivers who long to incorporate meaningful and educational programs into their children’s lives. While families look for programs and activities in a single platform that connects them to like - minded individuals, businesses are able to share their services with families that may benefit from their offerings.

We are anxious to collaborate with Momizen as a way to further advance our collective missions of connecting families to the natural world and enhance educational opportunities in meaningful ways. Together, we look forward to creating initiatives that have a positive impact on the next generation. Welcome Momizen!

To find out more about Momizen and what they have to offer, please visit their website

Or visit Momizen through Instagram


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