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New Partnership - Basel Children's Trust

We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with the Basel Children's Trust (BCT). The BCT is a volunteer - run, non-profit organization that provides community, support, and information to expectant parents and families with young children living in the Basel area: from "bump" to "babe" and "beyond."

Through the many programs such as playgroups, workshops, monthly newsletters and social events, the BCT supports members on the incredible journey which is parenting. Founded in 1992 with only 29 members, today the BCT supports more than 100 families from around the world with English as the common spoken language. The BCT is a community of international and local families with young children who want to be involved - with other members, with their wider community, and with the surrounding Basel region.

Welcome BCT!

Fresh Air Kids will partner with the BCT in exciting new ways. Not only have we once volunteered for the organization, but we have been long-term contributors to their monthly newsletter. In the coming year we hope to work in close connection with the Nature Detectives group to cultivate exciting hikes for families with older children. We have a few other ideas we are mulling over, so stay tuned

As part of our collaboration, we are also offering current BCT members a 10% discount on all of our books. For more information, please email us here to place your order and specify which book you are interested in purchasing, the language and the method of delivery. Shipping is not included in the sale price and all sales are final. Order your books in time for the holidays while supplies last!

Thank you BCT for the support you offer the Basel parenting community and we are delighted to welcome you into the Fresh Air Kids' family!


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