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Murimoosweg, Muri, Aargau

Updated: Oct 1, 2022


We stumbled across Murimoos years ago and were delighted by the area. With lots to see and do, this area provides the perfect family-friendly way to spend a relaxing Saturday.

This sweet little 3.5 km loop theme trail allows your family the opportunity to follow "Willy" the stork around the route to learn all about animals. The farm is bustling with activity from the resident cows, chickens, pigs and horses. Plus, the two playgrounds are certain to keep your children occupied. While the water area was under construction this past summer (2022), it is our hope that it will be complete and ready by the summer of 2023!

Put this lovely spot on your "to do" list, as it is an ideal location in spring, summer and autumn. For those interested in biking the 3.5 km route, that too, is possible.


From the start of the Murimoos trail, follow the wooden stork markers. There are 18 in total.

Trail Markers:

Follow the trail markers of the stork, "Willy." Pick up the trail flyer at the start of the hike.

Special Features:

  • This trail is stroller-friendly.

  • This is a family-friendly route.

  • There is a lovely playground at the start of the hike.

  • Farm animals are abundant, as are storks.

  • Parking is available onsite.

  • Murimoosweg is a theme trail with 18 informational boards.

  • This area is located just an hour outside of Basel by train.


The best time to visit Murimoos is from Tuesday to Saturday, when the shops are open and the farm animals are available for your visit.

Be Aware:

  • There are toilet facilities at the playground.

  • The water play area was under construction as of July 2022. When the water area re-opens, it might be advantageous to bring a towel and a change of clothes in the event your children get wet and/or dirty.

  • Pack drinking water.

  • There is a self-service café (Moospintli).

  • Details, including the flyer for the area can be found here.

  • It is easiest to arrive by car. However, if you arrive by train via the Muri train station, the walk to Murimoos is on a road without a sidewalk! Please use caution.


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