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Let's Hike!

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

*Actual image from the hike we will be doing! Yay!

Let’s Hike!

I think it's time we meet because the spring is here and people are awesome!

If you want to bring your rad self to a hike with people you don’t know, let’s do it!

You are welcome to attend if:

  • You are a person

  • You have a dog you want to bring (I’m in training)

  • You have a smile you know how to wear

Here are the details:

When: Thursday, March 31 (let’s celebrate the last day of March)

Where: Muttenz Dorf tram stop - tram 14

Time: 10:00 - Duration: about 1.5 to 2:00 hours (if you need to leave early, no worries)

We will hike a loop in Muttenz, so if you wish to drive or return where you started from, that is possible. Should some members of the group wish to hike longer, we can hike to St. Jakob (tram 14)

Need: Bring yourself, wear hiking boots and pack a smile.

Why: Really? We need a why? Why would you ask that?

Don’t think, just do. See you on the 31st, that is as long as it is not raining. If there is a ton of rain that morning, stay put in your cozy house and drink a cup of coffee!

Save your smile for another day!

P.S. If you want to attend, pop me a message and I’ll make sure to scream your name at the tram stop when I see you! “Welcome Brenda!”


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