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Kugelweg - Ball Path - Hasliberg

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

For an exciting hike that is certain to impress your children, head to Hasliberg to enjoy the beautifully constructed ball path or Kugelweg.

The trails in this region are constructed with so much love and attention to detail. Gosh, whomever creates and maintains these trails, certainly put smiles on the faces of our children, so thank you. Purchase your wooden ball in your color of choice at the lift station and head up the mountain. On this exciting trail, there are 12 interactive stations. If you have a child that adores watching objects in motion, this is the trail for you. Our son who is now 13, loved this trail despite his age. Each station is unique, but we must admit, we had one particular favorite that we had to do over and over again because it was that good.

This theme trail, is a mix of open paths and shaded forest areas, making it lovely on summer days. The views are impressive throughout, so pack your camera and perhaps a picnic to make the most of this scenic area.

Starting from Bidmi to Reuti the trail is steep, so please wear hiking boots with good tread. Though this trail is short, be prepared for one steep down hill journey. Please note, this hike is not stroller friendly! We did see individuals complete the course in the opposite direction, however, be prepared for an uphill climb!

Our children loved this trail! We have to be honest, we thought perhaps they had aged out of theme trails, however, this hike was a win for the entire family!

Special Features:

  • This is an interactive, fun theme trail for the entire family.

  • The lift station accepts the Junior Card and the Half Fare travel cards.

  • There are toilets located at Reuti and Bidmi.

  • The Muggestutz theme trails are very close, so consider a full day or an overnight in the area to get the most out of these precious hiking routes.

Be Aware:

  • This trail is very steep! Please watch children carefully.

  • Wear good hiking boots for this path.

  • This is not a stroller friendly theme trail!

  • There is a possibility that your child may lose his or her ball on the route! See our tip below!

  • Purchase your balls for CHF 3.00 at any of the lift stations, the mountain shop at Mäglisalp, the family restaurant at Bidmi or at Hotel Reuti. The balls come in an array of colors and we recommend each child pick a unique color to avoid meltdowns on the trail!

  • The trail is open from the end of May through the end of October. Check the website for all updates regarding the trail before starting your adventure!

  • Pack plenty of water for this route.

  • Consider packing a picnic lunch and enjoy the views.

  • Bring sun hats and sun glasses for the areas of the trail that are not shaded.

Tip: Purchase one extra ball in the event your ball launches out of one of the ball runs!

The Map:


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